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     Shenzhen yuhesen Technology Co., Ltd. is a China's leading manufacturer of tracked chassis for robot  Since 2011, At SuperDroid Robots we provide a wide range of tactical, surveillance, negotiation, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robots. Our speciality is being able to inexpensively customize any of our robots to suit your specific needs and budget! We can also build completely custom robots from scratch! Call us or use our contact form to ask us any questions you may have.These pages are intended to help you become familiar with our products that fit specific applications. If you cannot find an exact match, please contact us. We build all our of robots to order. Since we design, build, test, and support all our robots at our facility in shenzhen china, customization is fast and NOT expensive. We offer many standard robots, all of which can be customized with options to meet your budget and needs.



Contact: Daphne

Phone: +86-13682647273

Tel: +86-0755-28468956

Email: sales01@yuhesen.com

Add: B area puqiang Park,buji,nanwan Road,longgang District,Shenzhen

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