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Release time:2019-01-08

It looks like a micro-tank. The red barrel is not a shell, but a water column. It also has a camera at the end for transmitting images.

It looks like a micro-tank. The red barrel is not a shell, but a water column. It also has a camera at the end for transmitting images.

The robot has a length of 1708mm, a width of 880mm, a height of 1000mm and a weight of 190kg. It adopts a rubber crawler type walking structure with a walking speed of 1.5 m/s and a wireless remote control up to 200 m. It is equipped with two special interfaces for fire hoses. Flexible control of fire gun direction, the barrel can be controlled to rotate upwards by 70 degrees, and the water column can be sprayed up to 80-100 meters. It can realize atomization/DC switching, up/down angle switching, left and right swing, etc. Remote control, strong maneuverability, large jet flow and long range. In addition, the camera is also equipped with a camera, which can feedback the situation in the fire field in time through the image transmission function, and provide information assistance for the firefighter command decision.news_pic2.jpgThe Tianjin “8.12” accident claimed hundreds of lives, including more than 20 fire fighters. In the face of large-scale disasters, the ability to extinguish and rescue human flesh and blood alone is limited, and it may cause secondary casualties during the rescue process. In order to solve this problem, the Municipal Fire Department cooperated with Zhongshan University of Electronic Science and Technology University this year to develop this fire rescue robot, which can replace firefighters to enter the scene of dangerous disasters such as inflammable, explosive, toxic, anoxic and smoke. Fire fighting, handling of items, etc., can reduce the risk factor of firefighters' fire rescue. The robot can maintain long-term high-quality work efficiency under various engraving operating conditions, and can be widely used in fire rescue work in cities, chemical plants, tunnels, etc.

The Deputy Director of the Military Department of the Municipal Fire Department Logistics Department, Ko Luo Xiaofei, introduced that the robot also has an important role in transporting equipment and wounded. In the case that the robot does not need water to extinguish the fire, the water cannon on the body can be dismantled, and the equipment needed for the fire and rescue line can be placed on the platform, and the driver can send it to the combatant through remote operation. It avoids the combatants running back and forth, and secondly, it can alleviate the problem of insufficient police force in the fire. It is understood that the robot can carry a maximum load of about 600 kg, in addition to equipment and equipment, can also transport the wounded, can reach 1.75 meters long after stretching, just enough to lie down.

At present, the robot has been finalized and is being tested. Next, the city fire department will also apply for a patent for the robot.

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