Smart Agriculture Application: Greenhouse Agriculture and Forestry Orchard Inspection Robot

Release time:2019-08-07

The greenhouse inspection robot adopts multi-sensor fusion technology: the camera captures the navigation belt image information and processes it to realize navigation; the ultrasonic obstacle avoidance module senses that there is no obstacle in the walking direction, and realizes the obstacle avoidance function; the anti-collision strip module fails in the ultrasonic module. In the case, the last protection function. The greenhouse inspection robot adopts 360° rotating camera inspection, and realizes 360° dead angle scanning through the rotating mechanism, which can monitor the greenhouse environment in real time.

In addition to the all-round, high-precision autonomous positioning navigation function, the robot also has a full range of environmental sensing capabilities, real-time access to local accurate microclimate and environmental information, and real-time transmission of data to researchers through network connections, helping researchers understand The status quo in greenhouses, this unique intelligent system makes management more efficient, allowing researchers to focus more on agricultural research, and achieves refined and unmanned agricultural research through high technology.

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